Even a normal person feeling healthy himself/ herself might be Vitamin D Deficient. Vitamin D Deficiency is very common problem. With the current IT era and CORONA VIRUS lockdown both children and elderly had been stuck more indoors which might have lead to further increase in Vitamin D Deficiency. With decreasing outdoor activities and people spending more of their time indoor sticking to PC/ Laptop or mobile is further increasing risk of Vitamin D Deficiency as sun exposure to skin is major source of Vitamin D. As we look for budget announcement and income tax slab every year as is due in Budget 2021 and plan for upcoming year accordingly, lets us make some changes in our lifestyle so as to plan our future life being healthy and strong. Adequate calcium intake is not only sufficient for bone health as Calcium taken in diet would not be efficiently absorbed if you are Vitamin D deficient.

There are two types of Vitamin D. One is Vitamin D2 also called Ergocalciferol and another is Vitamin D3 also called Cholecalciferol .

Common Sign and symptom are weakness and bone pain.

Common causes or risk factors:

Lack of sun exposure to skin. (Living indoors/ avoiding sun exposure/ sunscreen use/ Dressing culture etc.).

Less of oral intake.

Absorption issues like inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis.

After bariatric surgery.

Renal insufficiency.

Strict vegetarian diet may cause Vitamin D deficiency as common sources of Vitamin D are animal sources like fish, egg yolk, fish oil etc

Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency


Fracture risk increases.

Hair fall.

Cardiovascular problems like hypertension, increased lipid levels, CAD are seen more in vitamin D deficient persons.

Psychological disorders like Parkinson’s disease, depression, anxiety, Schizophrenia, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease etc. are more prevalent in people with vitamin D Deficiency than people with normal Vitamin D levels. 

Severity of Inflammatory bowel disease may increase with Vitamin D deficiency.


Frequently asked questions

Q: How we can reduce Vitamin D deficiency ?

Ans: Vitamin D deficiency can be decreased by exposure of skin to Sun.

Fish, Fish oil, Egg yolk intake can reduce vitamin D Deficiency.

Food fortified with vitamin D is good source of vitamin D.

Q: Can I be Vitamin D Deficient even without having any sign and symptoms ?

Ans: Yes, there are many persons who have no or insignificant sign and symptoms like weakness or bone pain but still have Vitamin D deficiency.

Q: Why even after taking good amount of calcium rich diet I still feel weakness or bone pains ?

Ans: Although there can be other causes of weakness or bone pain, but in relation to calcium and vitamin D, if someone is vitamin D deficient then absorption of dietary calcium is not adequate and that calcium is wasted and person can have calcium deficiency also. 


Exposure Ultraviolet UV-B rays of sun to skin.

Vitamin D being fat soluble vitamin when taken as supplement in powder of tablet form should be taken with milk. Although gelatin capsule form of vitamin D supplement can be take with water.

Intake of fish, fish liver oil, egg yolk ec.

Intake of food fortified with Vitamin D.

Adequate Vitamin D decreases the chances of Fractures, heart disease, mental disorders, Diabetes, a few Autoimmune diseases, Alopecia, Erectile dysfunctions etc.

Correction of Vitamin D deficiency decreases common problems of weakness, bone pains and may leads to improved mental health also. 



Homoeopathy is a system of medicine that was started by Dr Samuel Hahnemann in 1796. It is based on doctrine of Similia Simlibus Curentur which means Like Cures Like.

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